Thanks to everyone who took part in my ’14 Months’ project and the efforts made to come to my studio in Brighton. A special thanks to Gill East who made it her business to find an array of children of a similar age for me.

I’m not a complete novice when it comes to photographing babies, as I have in the past worked on a few advertising campaigns that are centred around one’s that leak!…and of course, had two of my own. Needless to say there are a few rules of thumb to be observed. Particularly, assume that the best five minutes that you are going to get are the first five minutes. So don’t waste them tweaking a light.

My initial ideas for this project are in the previous post and although I didn’t stray too far from them I did progress my rather loose brief simply by doing it and seeing what can be achieved. It’s not really possible to direct a 14 month old and there is an element of post-production to all this although it’s not the case in all. Milly (above) really did pull that face while wearing a Rolling Stones T-shirt, which I think is photography gold.

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