Creating showstopping brand imagery for social posts is varied, presents interesting challenges and requires a quick turnaround.

Here are a few examples of some that we have shot recently in our Brighton studio.

Location Film and Stills Shoot

Live action and animation composition

Our idea of shooting blue/green screen was to give the compositor and editor as much flexibility as possible for working with the animation and for outputting alternative formats.

Behind the Scenes

Stop motion and animation

Anamorphic Projections


NOUN. A distorted projection or drawing which appears normal when viewed from a particular point or with a suitable mirror or lens

These quirky posts, designed to fool the eye, presented us with new and interesting challenges. Not only did we shoot the initial photography, we did all the artworking, the printing and shot and edited the final films.

Films, Stills and Boomerangs



Not technically ‘stereo’, in fact we used 3 cameras to create these stand-out posts.

Experimenting with a theme

Here’s our take on the ‘stereograph’. Shot with 3 cameras, sync flash and slow shutter speed.

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